Why can't I get my Sony PlayStation 3 to read a file that is larger than 4GB?

There are couple limits that make it difficult to open files larger than 4GB on a Sony PlayStation 3. Most simply, the PS3 does not support any file system that allows single files larger than 4GB. Common file systems are: FAT, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS.

To our knowledge at the time of this writing, FAT32 is the only file system for hard drives and Flash drives supported by the PS3 and  FAT32 has a limit of 4GB for a single file. NTFS is the most commonly used file system that supports file sizes over 4GB, but the PS3 can not read drives formatted with NTFS. exFAT is a new file system with support for files larger than 4GB, but such drives can only be read by only a few newer operating systems like Microsoft Vista with Service Pack 1 and Windows 7.

The only way for a PS3 to access a file larger than 4GB is to play that file through a uPnP/DLNA Media Server that is configured in a way that it will serve such a file.

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