Will the Smartbox / Media Streamer stream video and audio files to other devices like a computer like a Windows or Mac laptop?

Can I access the MediaStreamer / Smartbox on a Microsoft Windows PC or Apple Mac?

Yes.  While there is no specific application available to do the streaming to any device other than Android and IOS mobile devices, the Smartbox / Media Streamer has a web interface that can be used by almost any device that has a web browser.  The web interface should also work with other smartphones including Windows Mobile phones and Blackberry smartphones.

The web interface is limited in functionality:

  1. the web interface is only capable of downloading content from the Smartbox / Media Streamer to your computer device
  2. the web interface offers no support of its own for any of the content files so, for example, in order to play an MP4 video stored on the Smartbox / Media Streamer, your computer device must have that ability already on its own.

To connect to the web interface, in the address bar of your web browser, enter "".

Alternatively, the Smartbox / Media Streamer can be used as an "SD card reader".

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