When I connect my USB Flash Drive to my Windows Vista PC it says "Driver not found". Where can I find the device driver?

The built-in device driver may be damaged or missing.

Our USB Flash drives and USB Flash memory card readers are designed to be compatible with the industry standard USB Mass Storage Device Class (MSC).  As such, they use the MSC device driver provided by Microsoft and built into Windows Vista.  Based on searches of the web, this seems to be problem not uncommon in Vista that effects all standard USB Flash drives and external USB hard drives.
There are number of simple things to try before declaring a corrupt device driver:

1. Before connecting the new USB Flash Drive, unplug all other USB devices from the system.  After the USB Flash Drive is working, plugging and unplugging it and all other devices should work as expected.  If that doesn't fix the problem, continue to the next suggestion.

Take the following steps at your own risk.  We are not responsible for any negative effects caused by you making changes to your system.

2. Some applications and applications installed by other USB devices have been mentioned as conflicting devices.  We've read that Logitech webcams, Nokia, and the Netgear Storage Central have caused such problems and those applications may have to be uninstalled and then re-installed after the USB Flash drive is installed.

If the problem still persists, the device driver is probably missing.  The most likely missing or damaged driver is called USBSTOR.SYS.  This driver is a Microsoft driver supplied by Microsoft.  We are not authorized to distribute that driver and you should seek professional assistance in repairing your system.
Even though this is probably a problem with the Windows Vista and not a problem specifically with the USB Flash drive, we are interested in analyzing this problem further to try find a solution.  If you have this problem and if you're will to let us remotely control your PC so that we can check a number of details on your PC, please submit a support ticket to let us know.
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