When I plug in my USB Flash drive, why do I not get a new drive letter under "My Computer"?

Under certain circumstances, when you plug in a USB Flash drive or USB Reader, the device seems to be recognized, but you will not get a new drive letter under "My Computer".

There may be too many drive letters assigned on a computer through a network or other devices and the drive letters that are normally assigned to USB drives are already taken.  If you are using Windows XP, try the following steps:

  1. Click on the Windows "Start" button
  2. Open Control Panel
  3. Open Administrative Tools
  4. Open Computer Management
  5. Select Disk Management
  6. Locate your USB Flash Drive in the bottom right Panel and right click on it
  7. Select Change Drive Letter and Paths
  8. Click Change
  9. Select a drive letter you know to not be in use
  10. Click OK and check "My Computer" for your new drive letter

For more help on changing drive letters, refer to the following Microsoft Knowledgebase Article: How to change drive letter assignments in Windows XP

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